Why run focus groups online?

Online focus groups offer big advantages over face-to-face focus groups.

Time savings

Cut down the time it takes to run focus groups from many weeks to mere days.

Cost savings

Save thousands on facility rental, travel, recruitment, incentives, transcripts, etc.

Global reach

Invite people to participate from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Efficiency & scale

Talk to tens or hundreds of people at once, rather than just a handful at a time.


Run your groups for days, weeks or months - no need to fit everything into 1-2 hours!

Higher participation

Get higher participation rates because it's so easy and convenient to participate.

More honesty

Gather more honest feedback due to the anonymous online environment.

No "group think"

Eliminate "group think" by having your participants commit to their answers first.

In-depth responses

Give people time to think about their replies to get more thoughtful, in-depth responses.

Why choose FocusGroupIt?

You'll love how easy, fast and affordable it is to "FocusGroupIt."


Even if you've never run a focus group before, you'll be up and running with your first group in no time - no training required!


Start collecting feedback today in a matter of 15 minutes (or less) by simply creating a group and sending out a link. It's that fast!


FocusGroupIt is a tiny fraction of the cost of renting a focus group facility and much less expensive than the competitive solutions.

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Who is using FocusGroupIt?

A wide variety of people and organizations worldwide are using FocusGroupIt.

Market researchers

Marketing professionals

HR professionals

UX professionals

Web designers

Film producers

Trade associations

Advertising agencies



Internet marketers

Project managers

Product managers

Business incubators

Event organizers

PR firms


Large enterprises

Small business owners


Religious organizations

Community organizers

Non-profits & NGOs

College students

How are people using FocusGroupIt?

Here are some (of the many) ways you can "FocusGroupIt."

Use FocusGroupIt focus groups to determine the questions to ask in your surveys and the options to provide as responses to questions, helping you design much better surveys.

For example, a large company recently used FocusGroupIt to generate ideas for topics to explore in their quarterly tracking surveys and discuss how to fix problems with previous surveys.

Post a link to an online focus group at the end of your surveys to have a follow-up conversation with respondents and dig deeper into to the "why" behind your survey results.

For example, a business incubator posted links to FocusGroupIt focus groups at the end of a SurveyMonkey survey to have follow-up conversations with survey respondents related to the topic of the survey.

Instead of using open-ended questions in their survey, they moved them all to their online focus groups so they could have a real, in-depth discussion with their target audience.

Use online focus groups prior to in-person focus groups to have participants do "homework" assignments and get to know each other before the focus groups, saving invaluable time when you're face-to-face.

For example, a market research agency used FocusGroupIt to build rapport with participants recruited to take part in face-to-face focus groups, helping them skip to the "meat" of their discussion upon arriving at the focus group facility.

Continue the conversation with your in-person focus group participants for days, weeks or months after the group is over by inviting them to an online focus group.

For example, a marketing agency invited participants from face-to-face focus group sessions to join FocusGroupIt online focus groups (after the face-to-face groups were over) to continue the discussion from the focus groups and iteratively test and refine the concepts presented in the groups.

Use FocusGroupIt to brainstorm and evaluate ideas for new products and services. Collaborate with customers on the development of products over days, weeks or months, leading to products that are truly designed with customer needs in mind.

For example, a startup used FocusGroupIt to solicit feedback from prospective customers about their problems. They then "co-created" potential solutions alongside these prospective customers, leading to an end product that met the needs of their target audience.

Get a quick read on what people think about an advertisement before going live, as a "disaster check" on your work, or as part of the creative process.

For example, an advertising agency used FocusGroupIt to run a series of online focus groups with their client's target customers to evaluate reactions to a proposed social media campaign in the months leading up to the launch of the campaign.

Collaborate with event attendees in the days, weeks or months leading up to (and after) your events to gain insight and ideas for how to improve your events.

For example, a education tech conference used FocusGroupIt to get qualitative feedback and reactions from conference attendees after the event, with the goal of identifying ways to improve the conference in the years to come.

Find out what customers think of your company in their own words, and hold a discussion on how you can improve.

For example, a small, locally-oriented business invited their customers to FocusGroupIt focus groups to understand how they felt about the business, with the goal of developing new services to better meet customer needs.

Hold online focus group discussions with employees to learn about what they need, how they feel about their jobs, brainstorm ideas for new products and services, and more...

For example, a large distributor used FocusGroupIt to engage employees from around the world in a discussion on how to improve their internal means of project management and communication.

Use FocusGroupIt to get honest, unbiased & anonymous feedback from your study respondents - much faster and at a fraction of the price of other qualitative methods.

For example, a PhD student at a large US private university used FocusGroupIt to conduct research related to their dissertation work regarding online education platforms.

From feedback on courses to engaging students, teachers, faculty, etc. in ongoing discussions, FocusGroupIt is the ideal way to gather qualitative feedback.

For example, a college professor used FocusGroupIt to engage students in a discussion around class topics and potential future improvements to the course.

What are people saying about FocusGroupIt?

Don't take it from us. Here is what people are saying about FocusGroupIt.

“We're almost done running our online focus group and I wanted to let you know that it has been AWESOME. Thanks so much for making this tool available! Love the ‘agree’ and comment features that allowed participants to interact with each other. Also loved the ability to have flexibility on a per question basis for it to be unbiased or private… Thanks again for this invaluable tool. We received so much awesome input for our upcoming project.”

– Entrepreneur & Internet Marketer

“I find the system very easy to use, intuitive and has many of the functions that were valuable such as the notifications of activities, ability to download transcripts, adding observers, and having participants interacting with one another. The system design was greatly thought out as users do not have to go through any training to use the system… I love that the system is so easy to use.”

- Project Manager, Leading Non-Profit Professional Membership Association

“A customer's pain points should always be the most important factor that leads any marketing campaign. FocusGroupIt has created an extremely easy to use platform to quickly learn more about our client's audience, regardless of where they live. It's a valuable tool for any marketer or agency to get rapid feedback on shaping a new campaign or product idea.”

– Owner, Digital Marketing Agency

How can you get started?

Get your first focus group going today in 15 minutes (for free).


Create your focus group

Get your focus group started in 15 minutes (or less) by creating it and posting a few questions for participants to answer.


Invite participants to join

Share your secure group link to your social networks, customer lists and website, or add it to the end of any online survey.


Moderate the discussion

Participants can respond to you and each other. Run your groups as long as you want - a few hours, days, weeks or even months!